The long wait is over! SMARTS is getting Smarter.

Our smart contract has been successfully ported from the test net to the Ethereum main net. If you would agree with me, The rate of rug pulling and exit scams in the Defi ecosystem is alarming. To negate this singular factor which has been a major obstacle for investors to onboard the bandwagon of new Defi projects, our first shot towards the direction of decentralization is to own a multi-sig wallet with known influencers in the space who have no primary connection with the project. We are currently in communication with several influencers.

Smarts is a unique and decentralized project, and we are very scrupulous concerning the influencer we bring onboard. As this is a vital part of the project at large. To flow with the tides of time, we decided to own a multi-sig wallet with our devs for the sole purpose of facilitating our smart contract deployment to be in line with the established roadmap. We are adopting the Gnosis multi-sig wallet code which permits additions of permissions. We will restrict this addition to a limit and the contract code of the wallet will be provided to the community to verify its parameters before the sale commencement.

An announcement will be made once an agreement has been straightened out with external parties. Since Smarts is proposed to utilize a community-centric approach for governance, it would definitely be a plus if our potential investors can suggest known influencers so they can be added to our scout list.

A delay in the smart contract deployment has been one of the primary factors stalling this project from moving at the speed of light. So expects a rapid development and frequent updates from us.

Contract Address:

Multisig Address (


Why should you trust our smart contract?

“Code is law” since our smart contract is built on the Ethereum blockchain, it is completely immutable, distributed, decentralized, and trustless.

Our team of developers has vast experience in building and developing DeFi products and in the blockchain space in general. Our Smarts contract is built using the latest standards with the best security practice.

It is liable for both internal and external security audits to confirm its durability and authenticity.

Despite all the safety measures and practices, it is important to know that no software component is 100% perfect and are liable to bugs and other uncertainties.

We employ you to interact with them with the utmost care.

There would be a max supply of 1,000,000 SMAT and a total supply of 400,000. 12% of the maximum supply would be available for sales. More details on this will be provided in the coming updates.

Stay tuned.

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