SMARTS Finance Partners Korea No. 1 Telegram Community "ICO Pantera"

Dear esteemed community,

Another milestone has yet been achieved. After thorough scrutiny, It is my pleasure to announce to you that the Smarts team has reached a strategic partnership agreement with ICO Pantera.

ICO Pantera also known as the Pantera group is one of Koreans leading growth accelerator in the crypto sphere. A partnership with ICO Pantera has been a catalyst to the success of several projects in the Korean community. These projects include but are not limited to Origin, Akropolis, Elrond, Chromia, Ferrum and a host of a dozen of other successful projects.

What are the consequence of smarts partnership with ICO pantera?

  • If you would agree with me, the influence of Koreans in the crypto space cannot be over emphasized. A synergy between Smarts and ICO Pantera is indeed an open invitation for the Korean community to onboard the Smarts bandwagon. A strategic partnership such as this will give Smarts Finance a free access to the ever expanding Koreans market.
  • ICO pantera will be a key holder to our Gnosis multi-sig wallet (Which means with a multi-sig wallet in place, the possibility of bad resource management or rug pulling is mitigated to its barest minimum as the team’s total influence on resource allocation, distribution and management is limited).

About ICO Pantera

ICO Pantera is a Koreans leading growth accelerator having a series of projects in its success list. ICO Pantera is a key player with respect to marketing and partnership in top exchanges such as OKEX and Kucoin.

Telegram ID: @icopantera
Telegram community: 
Official website:

A big thank you to our new partner.

Let me use this opportunity to say a big thank you to ICO Pantera for making a pivotal addition to our team. The sky will not be a limit but a stepping stone to what we can achieve together. 
Best regards.

-The entire Smarts team.

About Smarts

Smarts is an innovative DeFi platform proposing the use of blockchain technology to provide an autonomous and flexible money market and a host of DeFi products on the ethereum blockchain while utilizing a community-centric approach to reach consensus.
Smarts in a nutshell, give users the ability to carry out various Defi related functionalities such as lending, borrowing, liquidity mining etc. Utilizing a single point of entry.

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